Patient Testimonials

“I began my treatment at South Jersey Chiropractic in the summer of 2005.  Over these years, my condition has improved dramatically, and I attribute this to the excellent care I have received and continue to receive from Dr. Benenfeld and the staff.  When I began treatment my back problems were fairly serious.  Although, my movements were not inhibited, I was in a near-constant state of discomfort.  I began to experience relief almost immediately upon entering treatment.  Dr. Benenfeld was quick to assess my condition.  Not only was the treatment I received in the office excellent, she instructed me as to the steps I could take on my own to improve the health of my back.  Over time I have felt my back improve more and more, and I receive regular and helpful feedback from Dr. Benenfeld regarding my progress.  My treatment now is simply concerned with maintaining the gains we have made.”  

Anthony Bisti, age 24



“I was injured at work on January 30 of this year.  My lower spine was knocked out of alignment.  The orthopedist I was referred to by workers compensation prescribed a strong narcotic and told me to return to work.  I walk unable to walk without extreme pain in my lower back.  I was taking 4000mg of the drug each day.  It only took the edge off and I was unable to work because of the narcotics in my system.  After a month of pain, I saw Dr. Melissa Benenfeld.  After my first session, I was able to walk out of the office with very little pain.  The narcotics were cut from 4000mg to 500mg immediately!  I returned to work within a week.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Melissa, I still would not be able to walk.  I know that for a fact.  I couldn’t be in better hands with Dr. Melissa (no pun intended).”

Bruce Loving, age 51


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